Google Docs & Spreadsheets gets a cool new Interface

If you now sign in to Google Docs & Spreadsheets you'll be pleasantly suprised to see a cool new Interface. The brand new interface lets you create personal folders, and drag your online documents and spreadsheets into them - which I consider is a very cool feature. Also you'll notice on the left-hand side, a list of all the people you are collaborating with; click on any name to see all the files you're working on with them.

The main takeaway from the new and improved interface is that you're able to organize and manage all the documents created by you, no matter if they were made in collaboration with somebody or just by you on your own. Also the ability to create your own folders to sort the documents, flag them with a star or move to trash to remove a file from the listings is a very sought after feature that has been implemented I guess.

BTW, if you want to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets, you can access it for free with your Google account.

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