MCSE Course

Next week will my start my part time MCSE 2003 + MCSA 2003 + CCNA course officially where there is about 6 days study per month per module.

Start to busy for my study after work and i'm so sorry to some one who i cant fetch her back while i'm study, please be patiant, i will arrange my time for you. Surely will not leave you out.

Come back to the course that sponsor by my company, this is the promotion course provide by MIS Technolog Center Sdn Bhd which combine 3 hot course together into one.

There are 8 module to be complete and exam need to by take after i finish every single module. The course is actually sponsor by my company, but for the exam i need to pay by my self and will claim from the company as soon as i pass the examination.

The comming few months will be the hard time for me where i need to work, study, revision, take exam.

The exam that to be taken are:

  1. 70-270 Microsoft Window XP Profeassional
  2. 70-290 Microsoft Window Server 2003 Environment
  3. 70-291 Microsoft Window Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
  4. 70-293 Microsoft Window Server 2003 Netowk Infrastructure Planning
  5. 70-294 Microsoft Window Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
  6. 70-297 Microsoft Window Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Design
  7. 70-228 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  8. 640-801 Cisco Cerifies Network Associate (CCNA)

This is flow for a Cisco expert

This is not my cert but i hope that i can get this as soon as possible...

MCSE 2003 Certificate

MCP Certificate

MCSA 2003 Certificate

CCNA Certificate


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  2. hello david,
    may i know around how much the courses individually and in whole package?it takes how long for u to complete?where u need to attend those classes?


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