My 1st time...

After 1 month of waiting, finally i get my dream car.

Today is the first day i drive the car where i never drive car in KL about 1 year plus.

My first drive is full of tension because this is the rain day where the traffic damm jam in the KL area until setapak.

It take about 30 minutes of time to travel about 5km from Malauri to Jalan Ampang and another 30 minutes from Jalan Ampang back to my home. In this 60 minutes of journey, i have to restart my engine about 6 to 10 times. I feel so shame about it... But this is my first time. haha...

Luckly i'm still can arrive home safely. Tomorrow will be my first car driving working day, but i need to send my car back to the sale man to do the tinted and fill in the full tank of petrol for me.

Ya, another thing is that the petrol come to the bottom while i'm on the way, luckly i'm still able to arrive the petrol station to fill in the petrol.

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