1 day eating trip to ulu yam

Finally can go to ulu yam to eat the famous and delicies mee. "Ulu Yam Loh Mee". We go there directly after finish working, it take about 30 minutes ++ to arrive there. The place really "ulu ulu". I need to drive trough the hill, water fall, and the lake as well. To day my tour guide bring me to one of the famous shop in ulu yam which is "Shang Kei" 生记

Here is some photo for our ulu yam trip.

Today main food.... "Ulu Yam Loh Mee"

Very nice side order... 水饺。。。


This is how the local people making their own souce, this is the combination of peppar with the sauce.

Today tour guide, Mr. Loh Kai Huat from Ulu Yam...

Overall the food is not bad, especially the boiled dumpling, this is quite special, it not consist of many stuffing, but pastry very crisp.

The loh mee is better then the one that you can eat in KL, it really have some diff compare to that. Besides that, the price is cheap, all the food in cluding the drink that we order is just about RM 37.

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