Balakong 糖水

This is last destination for my Saturday trip... "Balakong 糖水". This stall have no name where is just a small stall besides the road side, but their business is very good where you need to wait for the table when you come here. Luckly when we arrived there are some free table.

The boss (Wearing the black cloth in the 1st picture) very talkative and very humour, while he is packing the fried noodle, the mouth never stop to talk. Although the stall is just a small business, but they have a very good system for the customer to make order, pay money, select the food.

Select the refreshment ---> queue up ----> order noodle/order 糖水---> make payment ---> give you a receipt(you need to pay for the 糖水 1st) ---> order 糖水 ---> enjoy your 糖水 & fried noodle
This is the 糖水 stall...
We onlly order 2 糖水 out of all the 5 diff 糖水
This is the fried noodle that all the people queue up to buy
Here is some cake
Here is the "diam sam" corner, you need to order the paou over this corner
This is all the food we order, everything just less then RM 10

This is the tour guide...
Although this is just a small food stall, but their customer quite alot, i think is all the resident around the Balakong there la. I don't think the out sider will know how to come to this place, because it hide in the middle of the taman there.

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