Going back to hometown soon

Haha, finally have grap the time to go back my hometown. My previous trip go back was in April, but i'm not going back to perlis but i only went to penang to take my Insurance course.

This will be my first time to driving back to Perlis, and the first time i'm driving so long distant.

Ya, today is my car 1 month old birthday as well. It very fast, i'm already driving car for 1 month already.

After i get my car, the expenses seem like increase very high, in term of petrol (300% increament) previously my motor only comsure about RM 50 of petrol per month, but now my car comsure me about RM 200 of petrol per month.

Besides the petrol, the small small assacerry also spand me quite alot of money as well. Hope that i will cope to this kind of expenses la.


  1. owning a car requires you to spend a lot of money not just on gasoline but as well as on its maintenance and replacements, if needed..i owned my vw for almost three years and i had spent much on replacements and repairs just like with my vw spark plugs, hood, wiper blade..huh...that's the reality, but car is a necessity.. :)

  2. i think soon i will need to facing the problem of maintenance and repair issue.

    Luckly currently i only facing the petrol and the installment problem.

    By the way, how ur opinion about myvi after 3 years of drving expenrience about it?


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