Passing my first paper

Today is my big day where i'm completing my first MCSE paper "Microsoft Window XP Profeassional (70-270)".
Although this is not very very very hard paper, but it mean alot to me where I'm optain my 1st MCP status (but i haven't get my MCP ID yet).

After finishing this paper, it show to me that there are still alot alot of thing i need to pickup for window XP if i need to major on this operating system including all funny funny feature which provide by the Window XP but seldom use by us especially on the policy setting, user account configuration so and so on.

Now I need to put focus on my 2nd paper which is the "Administering A Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database (70-228)"

This paper is not touch much on the database tuning, and enhance the SQL part, but it tech more on the configuration, setup. Maybe will need to take another paper which is database 2000 design (70-229) to get a better knowledge for the SQL Server2000

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