Bad mood

Although comming back to KL 2 days already, but i'm still very depress, i hate hate this feeling, but i still cannot run away from it la.

Is that friend so important to me?

Why should i always think of i'm lonely where actually i'm not....

Somebody please help me, bloging make me lazy to talk to people, decrease my talking time to other people, dono how to express my feeling to other people...

I cannot fall in sleep today and i wake up about 6am this morning but cannot get back to sleep after that, they way for me to finish up my energy is jogging... This is my 1st morning jogging since i'm comming to kl about 4 years time.

Any way, thanks for all the people who care about me and who sending greeting to me via msn...

I think this is the process of maturity amount people where no matter how good the relationship you are, one day we still have to rushing for our own personal business.


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  1. Dear, Dont be sad..anything happen i will be around with you and support you.

    Pls got anything happen pls share with me.Everybody also got bad mood time, so dont let the down feeling to make you cant go afford.

    Take a few rest, stay cool down then time pass the feeling will go far far away soon.

    Remember anything i will be there for ypu. : )


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