Time square - Shabu Shabu

Last friday suddenly thinking of asking Angie out for dinner and she suggest us to go to this restoran in the 5th floor in Time Square.

The design of the restoran very special where all the food put in the refrigeratory and arrange in the sequence order and become the trail. This is not the buffer steambot, so what ever and how many you take, you pay for it.

Overally, the food just normal if compare to the other steambot restoran which serve more food then here. Some more, then sea food here is not fresh... (too bad)

The bill of that dinner is about RM 60

This is the main door of the SHABU SHABU

I believe here is some story about this restorance which related to the train

Here is all the food are serve, you can take whatever you want and the price is determine by the color of the plat

This is all the sauce that serve, is about 16 diff sauce sarve here
We orders 3 diff type of soup

My mango ABC

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