Changkat Raja Chunlan Ikan Bakar

Actually i knew this malay food stall very very long time ago since i having my college industrial training time i think about 2 years back.

The food stall is at the road site of changkat raja chunlan. You need to turn into a small lorong in front of the Istana Hotel. Then you can see alot of working people is having their lunch over there. What so special of this food stall is that the fish is prepared on demand (because their fish always selling fast, you hav to wait for it)

Besides that, the price is quite resonable where 1 fish + veg + tea ice is about RM 5++. This is consider cheap in the city of KL.

Here is some of the photo of our lunch...

even the food stall is just a small food stall at the road side, but if you go at the lunch time, you always have to wait for the table...

This is today main menu, Ikan Bakar

The whole lunch (Rice + Fish + Veg + Drink) jus RM 5.70

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