KESAS Highway R&R Satay

I think quite some time never go out for the food hunt, this is the 1st time after the Malacca trip.

Actually this place is introduce by friend and he mention that the satay sold here are even more delicious then the satay in the Kajang. So, due to this statement, I must go and try it out. The satay stall that i mention this time located along the KESAS highway. Actually there are 2 stalls where each road side will have one.


Initiailly i don't believe that such a nice satay stall will be located here, because i don't think that people will purposely drive to the rest stop and pay the toll just for having the satay. But when i first arrive, i know that what i think of is not true. There are really a lot of people (majority of the customer there are Malay) are enjoying their satay...


The staty here is half self service, where you need to quueu up at the counter to make the order by telling them the table number as well, after you paid, then they will serve the satay to your table. We just order for 25 chicken satay, 5 lamb satay, 5 beef, and fish satay.


Actually they sarve a lot of satay besides what we ordered. It include rabbit satay, deer satay and so on.

The fish satay is the worst amount all the satay because of the fishiness. I don't taste the lamb and beef satay, so cannot command on it, but what my buddies told me is that delicious than the satay in the Kajang.

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