Malacca Trip 2

Initially plan to wake up at 5am and go to swim at the swiming pool at the apartment there, but due to the wine yesterday, I sleep until 10++ only wake up by the phone call from my friend. But lastly still unable to find the time to go to swim. Just go there and take some photo at the pool site.

Our destination for today is the Chicken Rice Ball near by the Red House. What so spacial about the chicken rise is just the rice. They make the rice in the ping pong ball shap and each person serve only 5 rice ball. We spand about 30 minutes to queue up and about 20 minutes to enjoy our meal...

This is the so call Chicken Rice Ball

The price of the rice is count base on the ball

We order 1.5 chicken for 8 people. Together with the drink, the bill is RM 81.00. The price is consider the tour spot price.

Besides that, we also bougth a bird nest tat. This is the 1st time i tast the bird nest tat. The tat is RM 4 px. Nothing special with the bird nest, and not nice for the tat. But just a good experience that ate before the bird nest tat.

This is the tat that cost us RM 4 per pax


  1. the chicken ice is good but not sure about the tart tho! :)

  2. this shop is corner lot, next to a car park n opposite a foreign bank, rt

    totally suck!!


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