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Finally i find out some free time for me to write something on my just over Malacca trip. we went to malacca last year end (Actually just few days back) on 29 Dec 07 to 30 Dec 07.

This is the 2nd time i been there. My 1st time when i was in my primary school.

Initially our plan is depart from Setapak at 1.30pm, but as chinese people tradition, people always late. We postpone our trip to 3++ pm only depart. The journey took about 2 hours time from KL to Malacca with the speed of more then 100kmh.

Our 1st destination when we at Malacca is Garden City Service Apartments. (Need to check into the service apartment) A good thing about this service apartment is that the price is very resonable where it just about RM 200 for the normal apartment with 2 room and 1 bath room.

After taking bath, the next destination is Malacca well know Red house and Clock Tower. The main street of the Red House very nice where all the Red House are decorated with the red light lighting up. But the bad thing is we having problem for taking photo. (This is due to the poor photo taking technique, will keep improve it)

(This is the photo taken from the internet)

Our first meal in Malacca is the well know Satah Celup, but the shop that we went to is not the most famous and most traditional shop. It quit clean, but not really delicies. (My next target is go to try out all the satay celup in Malacca).

Then last destination for today is Johnny Street. This is the very very famous and must go place in Malacca where at the night time, the street is close for any vehical to drive into because it is a night maket place with all the people selling all the snack, food, cloth, drink, and so on.

The whole night market very "Malacca feel" because the building at the road side is very traditional Baba dan Nyonya feel. We spend about few hours there only manage to walk through the whole night market.

Our last destination and last activity for our 1st day in Malacca is Exchange Present. This is the late activity that plan by our planner...

Together with the Red Wine and present, we end up our 1st day in Malcca at 2am...

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