MC... ing...

This year really in bad luck, before coming to 2008, have to go and visit Doctor Ng (My personal doctor Sad) ... Pay the money, get the medicine and 2 golden advice, "Drink More Water, at lease 3 little per day", "Sleep early and normalize back the life"



Now coming to Chinese New Year, again, suddenly get flue... 39Degree... Just few hours from normal body temperature   hit up to 39 degree. Really worry, because recently near by Setapak here go the denggi case...






Because of the MC, I miss out 2 of my colleague farewell party, just here to wish them all the best and hopefully they can fly event more high and more far.


And my fellow friend, please finish up my part of the party, event I cant join you all now, but I still want my part, at lese take more photo before finish it up and take down the joyful of the farewell party. 

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