My first blog with Window Live Writer

I just download the new Window Live writer beta version few days ago, and never try. This is the first blog that i write using the writer.


Overal the editing tools is quite comprehensive where all the tranditional editing tools in microsoft product can be find here. You may insert table, insert map, insert tags, insert video, insert smiley, insert a spaces emotion and so and so on. Besides that, you may add the plug-in for the live writer.


There are still alot of plug in where i still not yet familiar with, i think the windows live writer really really a good solution for the beginer blogger as me... Oh go onsmile_teeth


Below is some demo for the editing tools that provide by Window Live writer

Map image

Inserted map from microsoft virtual earth

Window Live Gallery

This is the Hyperlink


This is the picture inserted

LiveJournal Tags: ,,

This is the tags that inserted

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