Badminton Session

Today is KL public holiday and went for the badminton session with Xin Yi them.  This is the 1st time playing badminton in KL since my last played, I think at lease 7 years ago.


We book for 3 hours badminton court and we reach there about 9am ++, just about 1-2 hours time of playing, now my right hand and right leg seem like not belong to me. Maybe because of suddenly so hard work for the hand and leg, I totally cannot move the hand simply now. Even I want to type, also very very hard. Something feel like old man, hahahahaha.


After came back home just now and directly sleep until 6pm, about 4 hours of sleeping. Really really tire man.


Lucky I still can eating by my self, just very hard to eat and carry any thing. That's too bad, tonight still have another gathering with my friend at Friendster Cafe at Damansara Pedana. Some more, tomorrow night will be our company annual dinner at Park Royal at Sungai Wang. With my cacat hand, really no idea how to carry my 29 inch LCD TV back home.


See you all guy tonight, and sorry for keep asking for changing location.


  1. Walau Mr fast think u won the 29 LCD back to home? wakakkakka ...go back home sleep la don't think too much la....wakkakakaka..wish u tml good luck la.... :)

  2. the result already out liao... drawer... but not 42 inch LCD.

    My dream broken liao.


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