Chinese New Year Celebration ~ Genting Court Condo

Today is the 11th day of Chinese New Year. The place I stay having the new year celebration for all the condo resident and provide the lunch for all the visitor.

The function start at 11+ am with the lion dance, speak from the president of Genting Court Condo Resident Association and lastly is the lunch.

All the resident here coming down to join the function, especially the "Free Lunch" ~ including me. Tongue out


Here are some photo at the function at Club House


Lion dance...



Really a lot of people coming to join the celebration, I can't even walk cloth to the lion to take better photo.


This is the president of the Genting Court Condo Resident Association speak


The photo taken while the president giving the talk, every one rushing for the free lunch.


YB Yeow Chang Look (Not sure the spelling of his name) giving the New Year wishing speak and try to promote for the coming election.

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