Going to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Finally get the promotion Air Asia ticket to Siem Reap with my friend in this coming September. There will be 10 people in total to go there. The journey will be at 10 Sept to 14 Sept, and this will be my 2nd time travel to oversea after my Chinese New Year trip to Bangkok.

So exciting to wait for my coming oversea trip but on the other hand, I need to start saving money for my trip, first of all, I need to pay back the fly ticket booking fee about 500+ for 2 people and need to save to pocket money to go there.

Now need to find more information regarding our Cambodia trip and familiar with the tourism spot before we go visit physically.

Besides that, I just book another 2 fly ticket back to Penang to attend my friend wedding dinner in Tambum at 17 May. Another 200 ringgit gone again.


  1. Dear We going together to Cambodia ya!!!HuHUHu....need save money from now oooo....hope the trip is nice larrrrr...Muaks Muaks....

  2. Good.. !!

    We can go there together finally..

  3. haha, wait for the day to come, let's count down together....


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