10,000 BC + New Luggage

Finally I plan to go to buy a ASP.Net related reference book for my company use, because I really spend a lot of time on doing the research here and there. Rather then just wasting time on that, I go to buy a reference book in Time Square.

In the mean time, I also can go into the cinema after long time never step into it. So print out the buy 1 free 1 voucher because leaving office and tonight movie will be 10,000 BC.

After buy the book, I just go for window shopping around the shop there and finally go to the lower ground of the shopping complex and find out that there is a stall that selling the luggage with 70% of discount. After discussion, I manage to have 1 for my coming Cambodia trip. This trip I can use back my own back and no need to search around to borrow from other. This is my new luggage.






The book in the luggage is actually why I'm going to Time Square today.


This is the book I bought today, it cost me about RM 191++. Hopefully this book will help me in my development life.

Let's talk about the movie, I like this movie very much where it show us some thing about the human life in the early life, they are believe in God, sky, star, love, and how are they fighting for food. I like the show on the Egypt, it show on how they build the Pyramid by kidnap the people around their world to help them in the construction.

This is the show that I like the most.


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