Birthday party in Klang

Last Saturday I went to Klang for a birthday dinner, it really far far a way from Setapak. We depart from Setapak at 6.30pm, all the way down to Damansara to  pick up one of my friend and another one in Subang then only go. It take about 2.30 hours from my house to there, when we arrived already about 9pm. Go to Telogong must go the most famous sea food restaurant over there, which is "Coconut Flower Sea Food Restaurant" (This statement is said by me, because I go there twice also go to the same place.)


After order all the food, we have to have the celebration functions in order for us to eat the cake while we are waiting for the food to be serve.

There are about 10 people of us and we order about 7 diff dish including crab, prawn,  sotong, bamboo Lala, mihun...

The total bill is RM 219.90.

I find out that my friend around me all are very good, because I like to take photo, but no body take photo for me. So every event, every place we go, I surely help them to take photo kao kao...


Some photo are taken using mobile phone, so the quality a bit low.

Show Time...


This is today destination after 2 hours + of journey

Peak Ling Birthday

cakeOur birthday girl of the day lighting up the birthday cake candle cake


cakeWaiting for the birthday song...cake




Fry mee huon with "Lai liu ha"


Bamboo lala... Quite expensive, this plate cost about RM 26






Finally come to the bill.

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