Recent Life

Recently really so tire, sometime really no idea what am I busy about? Study? Working? Programming after work?

The time I siting in front of PC become longer and longer where 8 hours when working, about 3 - 4 hours at home for Internet surfing, information looking, study...

Hope to setup a web site for my own, but have no idea what kind of web site should I set up? using what platform? what domain name can represent me?

Should I start a forum web page? personal portfolio web site? own hosted blog? CMS...? still "7 up and 8 down". Some time really no idea and no direction on my future. Where should I go? Programming part? Networking? Server Support? ASP.NET? VB.NET? ASP? SQL Server 2000? SQL Server 2005?????

Really no idea, hope now can take some rest for me to refresh my thinking.

At wits endAt wits endAt wits endAt wits end


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