3G iPhone by June '08???

3G iPhone by June '08 says analyst, but we're not so sure

By David Chartier | Published: March 05, 2008 - 10:18AM CT


Man, it must be tough being Apple's engineers and NAND flash buyers. You do all that work to crank out 16GB iPhones and 32GB iPod touches, but all analysts can do is keep barking for 3G iPhones. Can't people just be happy with what they have?


Well, if you can't be happy with what you have (or haven't picked up just yet), analyst Richard Gardner of Citigroup has good news for you. After a number of meetings with Taiwanese electronics companies, Gardner says "several sources confirmed the introduction of a new 3G iPhone" by June this year. While some analysts went off the deep end by predicting such an update could arrive before Christmas last year, Gardner and his anonymous sources seem a bit more credible. Or maybe we're just jonesing so much for a 3G iPhone that we'll believe anything.


Indeed, an April/May/June release of the 3G iPhone feels a bit early. It took Apple eight months to so much as increase the iPhone's storage capacity, and upgrading to a 3G chip will likely require a pre-announcement from Apple and some lead time. We don't know about you, but we would prefer to hear 3G iPhone details from a patented Steve Jobs special event instead of a drab, poorly-scanned FCC filing.


After all's said and done, a 3G iPhone release at least sometime this year has been all but guaranteed. If Apple's handshake with 3G equipment supplier InterDigital didn't seal the deal for you, then AT&T's own CEO going on record for a 3G iPhone in 2008 should. In all likelihood, if sales don't immediately die off, say, tomorrow, our money is on a 3G iPhone sometime around mid-summer or just before the 2008 holiday season kicks in. Apple has dominated the last few holiday seasons with gadgets and Macs, and a 3G iPhone could be just the card Apple waits to play for another round this year.



Planning to geting 1 iPhone if possible, but seem like the 3G version is coming out, should I wait for the 3G version? or just get 1 for this moment???

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