2 days to go to fly back to Penang

2 days to go before I'm going back Penang to attend my ex-house-mate wedding dinner in Simpang Ampat, Penang. I already booked 2 Air Asia flight tickets few months back for the dinner. It cost me about RM 270 for 2 people return flight from KL to Penang. But now come across the transport problem to travel from my house to LCCT for the flight back to Penang.

Initially I had booked my house mate to travel me from house to air port, but he need to work OT at that time. So have no choose but need to go there by sky bus. The bus ticket is RM 9 per person start from age 2 years old and above.


But when I try to book the bus ticket online, again, facing problem, because they only allow to book only before 72 hours of the departure time. Lucky when I browse through the FAQ, and some of the blog that written about the sky bus I found out that there is no need to book in advance. Their schedule is quite sequence where there are about 15 min to 30 min per trip from KL Central to LCCI.


The recommended time for travel from KL Central to LCCT is about 2.5 hours before the departure (domestic flight) and about 3.5 hours before the departure(International flight)




Happy travel back to Penang.

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