3 Days 2 Nights Trip Back To Penang ~ Day 2

After the party and the dinner last night. The first program and destination for the second days is the Paint Ball game at War Museum, here are some photo for the war museum. Actually I never being there when the time I stay in Penang and never hear about this place before, the first time I hear this place is from my KL friend. (So shame about that).

Entry of war musuem

war museum

There are a lot of history story over there you may learn after visiting here, but I'm not there for visit but just for the war game. We take about 45 minutes to reach there after the breakfast in Falim.


Today is the most tire day, because it is very tire for playing the paint ball game. While the game time, we meet a lot of the professional player over there where they have their own gun which has been fully modify to increase their strength and full set of equipment from the mask to the shoe. (Forget to take photo of the professional player).

paint ball game, war museum 

Actually is very expensive to play the war game, because before you start the game, you have to pay for the entry fees which including the first 100 bullet, gun, and mask. The subsequence bullet you have to pay for it, the price is about RM 250 per 2000 bullets for none member or RM 200 for 2000 bullets for member.


(There is 4 packs in a box of bullets, each package contain 500 bullets)

We being there for about 4 hours to play for 3 games, there are about 8 people a team to fight with each other.

war musuem


After the game, we going for the Bukit Genting for our dinner. This is the special request place that I'm asking to go. But because of the delay of time when we playing the paint ball game, so we depart from my friend house at 6pm. But seem like my luck not that good and when we arrived there is a raining day, so have no change to see the sunset of the day. But still manage to take some photo over there.


That's not only my bad luck, there are still bad luck coming, where most of our order has been rejected by the waiter because the food has been sold out. So there are no choose for me to try to famous food over there.

Bukit Genting, Penang

Food in Bukit Genting





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