3 Days 2 Nights Trip Back To Penang ~ Day 3

This is the last day for my trip in Penang, and this is my last day to looking for the delicious breakfast in Penang. But seem like not that lucky because some of the place that we going to is not doing business. But lastly will manage to get some nice breakfast. We went to the shop just besides the "Guan Yin Ting", we order Low Mee and the half bawl egg.


After the first round, we directly go to Tambun to and looking for another nice Malay nice fry fish in a small village in Juru. After the lunch over there, just directly go to the Penang International Air Port for the airplane to back to KL.



That's the end of my journey and once again, thanks for all my friend in Penang who accompany me for this short 3 days 2 nights trip.


Hope to see you all soon...

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  1. guess we r all the same..look forward to Penang for good food :)


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