Happy wedding for Yuan Long

Just came back from my friend wedding dinner in Penang. The time over very fast, I'm still remember that when the time I get the invitation from him, I'm so happy of it because finally he is the first amoung my friend who getting merry and I have a change to go back Penang to meet all my old old college friend. After few months of planning, booking Air Asia ticket and so and so on. Finally, all the thing over just in a second.


When the time I knew him is about the age of 23 (if I'm not mistaken). He is a very hardworking guy from Kuching, Sarawak, before he came here to study, he actually worked in a QS company for few years. After few years of working, he decide to get a certificate in the QS course and that's the luck for us to know each other. I'm so impress about him is where he funding for all his own expenses, tuition fees and fly ticket to here and back when he study in TAC Penang.


After the graduation, he decide to go back to Sarawak to working and we never meet each other from that time onward. The dinner is held at 17 May 2008, at Ocean Thai Restaurant in Pematang Puah, Penang. This is a very memorable night for all the 49's boys because this is the first gathering with him after about 4 years of separation.


Just write a post here dedicated for my best friend to wishing him happy marry and hope that next year will have a small kid of us to having fun of.



This photo taken at year 2003 when we was study in TARC Penang. At the home number 49 and this number already become our symbol and sweet memory



This is the photo taken at the night (17 May 2008) of Yuan Long's wedding dinner. So happy can see back all the friend after few years of graduated.

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