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Finally, the domain name ( is back to work after a few hours of waiting the DNS to be updated after I make some changing on it.


Now is the time for me to start working where I need to alter all the detail that I configured previously for the ex-domain name ( I try to list out the thing that to be done here so that I won't miss out anything:


  1. Alter the feedburner pointing URL
  2. Alter the record in google analytics
  3. Alter the site map in Google Webmaster tools
  4. Resubmit the blog link to all the directory web site
    1. Using digiXMAS Submitter
    2. Using directory submitter
  5. Resubmit the RSS feed to RSS directory
  6. Submit the site to the list of search engine


This is the gift that I given to my new domain name.


Here is some print screen of the job that I need to be done


Changing the original of the feed

Google Analytics

 Google analytics print screen

Directory Submit using digiMAS Submitter

Directory Submit using digiMAS Submitter print screen


The most important thing that I need to do in order to start to write anything with my new domain name. I need to alter the pointing of the blog domain name

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