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Finally my blog having my own name, no longer park under Welcome to my new home (just the new domain name but the content and everything still the same. After about 12 hours of waiting for my domain name to be refresh over the world public DNS, finally I can use it.


Initially I like to register for the or, but it already taken by some body else, so no choose, have to register for the (It cost me about USD 7.50 per year)


Actually why I like to register for a domain name is not because I am a pro blogger, but is because of the attractive of the SEO. Since I having a lot of fun by playing with the SEO and instead of helping to promote their site, why not I register a domain name and playing around with it.


Now I'm still study on wordpress and thinking of moving over there sometime later, because it have more functionality, widget, plugin and so on. And hope that sometime later my new domain name can appear on the first page of the search engine. fingerscrossed From now, I think I have a lot of thing to be done including changing all the directory site detail as I already submitted some time ago.


Lastly, wishing happy birthday to


* Added at 1.03am 4 May 2008

Initially I though that my domain name can be fully functioning, and I try to add the google apps for the use of the email, it break all my setting.....

I already deleted the google apps account, but still waiting for the update of the google server. What the XXXXXX

Now have to change back to the previous domain name which park under

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