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We can find a lot of article on SEO including how to submit the site map to the search engine, so that they can index your site and you stay a change to explore your web site to the world.


Because I just change the to my new custom domain name and I need to redo all the submission, and SEO task that I may did it sometime ago. But it is a good time for me to redo all over again, at lease I have another chance to restudy all the SEO related topic.


Just like to share some of the search engine site map submission tips here, especially for the blogspot, because they blog spot don't allow us to upload any file to their root folder as can be done by all other web site. Hence, we use the power RSS to become our site map.



You may submit your site URL to these search engines for Free. If you lack the time, submit your site to the top few leading search engines.

Website Submission Services

There are many sites on the internet offering free website submission services to search engines. The list of search engines are by and large the same. For a fee, some of them offer to send your URL to more than a hundred search engines. Is it necessary to have your webpage listed in all the smaller search engines? We think that Google, Yahoo! and MSN have cornered such a large share of the market that it is sufficient just to have your website listed there. However, the decision is yours to make. For a start, you may want to use their free services and monitor the traffic.

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