Live euro 2008 on the internet

A very good news and web site for the football fans who don't have the TV at home.


This is the web site where you may go to watch the live football show while you are online at home or any there.


I just discover it from google where I'm lazy to going to mamak to sit only to watch the foodball. I'm just using the 512kb internet connection, but the picture quality is very low. As long as I can watch where is the ball are and how the player shot in the goal then is more then happy for me.


Wanna enjoy my live football now. Another thing is currently the result for Czech Republic  vs Portugal is  1 - 1.


  1. enjoy europe cup...哈哈。。。

  2. walau, 真令人羡慕。我家连电视机都没有,今天又好像不能看了。。。



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