This 2 days happen quite some thing, talk about yesterday first.


Yesterday morning when I come to work, the admin girls told me that the adding new merchant page for iPay88 having problem, where the show the error page after click submit. So I immediately start to do the debuging and find it out step by step. And get the bugs where I leave out some verification checking. Just fix it up and try again for double confirm, when the page finish run and I check in the database, GOD, what happen is all the live merchant data being updated by me.


That mean the whole payment system cannot verify all the transaction that come in. Suddently I become crazy, if all the data cannot be recover, that mean the payment have to shut down. But lucky yesterday we did a backup for other testing purpose. I immediately get the file and put it back, while doing the restoring, I just asking for my colleague to have a look all the thing I done, make sure no more mistake to be done to the live data. It take me about 1 hour to put the system back to service.


Just over the case, at afternoon, our "lovely" PM announce again the increment  of the petrol price. Another "good" news for me, but lucky I still manage to pump petrol before the price increase.

Again this afternoon suddenly get a few transaction number from my colleague and asking by them to check on it... after check here and there, found out that the transaction is not going through actually... and because I leave out some verification checking after the return result by the bank. And the total amount > RM 700, immediately they call to the merchant to on hold all the product and service to delivered to their customer. Lucky all the product still managed to on hold and should be no lost of money for this time.


I'm feel so shame to my colleagues and my manager, because of my silly mistake, they all have to do extra job to help me to recover...


Once again, thank you and sorry to bring trouble to you all.

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