Chealsea Training Session

Finally, Chealsea has arrived in Malaysia. Initially I tot that I have no more ticket to go and watch the game. But lucky a week before the match, my company received 2 free ticket for the match + 2 training session pass. So get the change to go to see my flavorous EPL team in Malaysia.


I rushing back immediately after the meeting with a merchant. But that time almost 5.30pm, the training session start at 6.30pm. When arrived in Federal Highway, the traffic there damm jam and slow moving about 30mins, the traffic is back to normal and I'm driving fast toward the stadium.


When I arrived at the stadium, the training session already started with some light warm up for the player and the keeper. This is my first time to go to Stadium Shah Alam and my first time to stand a change to watch how the world best professional player are having their training normally.


Really hard to imagine that all the best player for Chealsea is standing in front of me for the training. From the place where I standing, I only can see their face through telescope. But I can see clearly that John Terry, Michael Ballack, Petr Cech, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, and Luiz Felipe Scolari.


Even today only their training session, but I can see all of the fans are enjoying the show.


Waiting for tomorrow game, hope that Malaysia team will not lost too much la and also hope that they can give some pressure for Chealsea in order for the English team to perform as they can.


Chealsea vs Malaysia 

Banner for the Chealsea Asia Tour 2008 in Malaysia

Training session entry pass

Thanks for this adminission pass for me to have a change to see my flavorous team for the training session

Stadium Shah Alam

arrive at Stadium Shah Alam, this is my first visit to this stadium as well

Before entry

Take a photo before entry to the stadium

Malaysia vs Chealsea

The banner is already up on the side of the stadium Malaysia Vs Chealsea


Goal keeper training session, this is also my first time to see the professional player training session. And another thin is they are using the racbey


This is the photo taken from the media room at the top of the stadium

11 vs 11 trainig, half field

They are having their 11 vs 11 training for half field

11 vs 11 trainig, half field

After training


After training



  1. Wah... so enjoy... I wish to be there too!! Just want to see how chelsea lose.. haha

    Oh.. ur flavour team is Chelsea arr?? Shame on you la.. we all Man utd fans here... next time when futsal boycott you liao la... hahaha...

  2. haha, this time chealsea come ma, support support tham la.

    next time MU come then we go together la... waiting for the game tonight, go go chealsea.

    Lucky they vs Malaysia la, i don't think their keeper need to do anything la, jus a bit cham for malaysia site.


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