Count down 2 days

Count to 2 days to get my new car, finally after 1 month of booking, now the car is on delivery to Seremban... And my sales agent will go there and get the car for me.

The mood for having and driving a new car no longer there la, coz the patient of buying a new car already over and leave all the worry of installment and car maintenance.

From time to time, our desire will grow. i'm still remember that while i'm still a kid, just a simple, cheap and small toy will make me happy for few days. Then the toy become more and more expensive and big such as bicycle, handphone, motorbyte, computer, car and so and so on.

In order to fulfill our life and we need to work, harder and harder, then the stress will increase. Than we work as a slave where we just repeat our daily life:

wake up --> traffic jam --> working --> having meal --> sleep

Here is some of the picture and information regarding my new comming big toy...

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