Restoran Sunrise Duck Rice

I went to this restoran few years ago and i promise wanna bring chui yee go there for few years but never go before. Finally today can come and tast how delicies the food over here.

After check with few friends how to go PJ SEA Park, we depart from Setapak about 12+ and drive about 30 - 40 minutes to arrived today our destination ----> PJ SEA Park Restoran Sunrise.

Luckly we arrived abit early where we still can order for the half of the duck, we are the last 3 orders of that day. Their business is start at 11.30 morning and close whenever the food sold off. (The food sold off at 2.30pm) they only doing business about 3 hours per day.

After i make the order, i need to wait for about half an hour before the duck meat is serve, again, we need to wait for 10 minutes for the rice to serve. This is the bad thing that i don't like about this shop.

Talk back to the duck, this is the place where the duck have not extra fat and no other additional unwanted smell. Furthermore the duck skin is very crisp.
This is the shop that i'm talking about...
The shop is just near by the Putra Station Taman Paramou, and it near to the KFC
This is the women who never stop her hand after i walk into this shop

All the customer is waiting for the food to be serve

This is the main actor of the day, yummy...

This is the price of the food in PJ, so i cannot blame it so expensive. The half duck is RM 21.5 and including all the rice and drink is RM 25.30

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