Restoran Sin Tai Mah at Semenyik

Last Friday night suddenly thinking of going to find my gf's relative in Kajang and thinking pay a visit to his house since i never being there before.

His house is a semi-d house in Taman Mewah, phase 9. A very big and nice house, but it consider too big for a family with just 4 members. but it really really a confortable house.

My main topic for this post is the dinner that he bring us to, this restoran is located at "Kampung Baru" Semiyik. Call Restoran Sin Tai Mah.

All of us about 7 people and order for 5 nice menu, fish,瓦褒排骨 ,虾, 苦瓜,。鸡 。

I like the fish very much where they make it very special, they will cut out all the meat and the go to fry, then arrange it back to a shape of fish.

I have no idea how to go by my self la, but this price for the food a quite reasonalable,

This is the fish that meantion at...
This is the fry chicken, nothing special...

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