Genting Highland one day trip

Initially yesterday I would like to go to Genting to listen to Jacky Chung concert (why only listen? because i don't have the ticket and wish to stay out site of the Arena of Star to listen he sing.) but due to the oversleep, i have to cancel my plan to Genting.


But suddenly get the call from my friend say that they have  a room for us to stay a night and ask us to go there now. After discussion with Mr. Fred. He decide to drive there for very very important business. Tongue out so we depart from my house at 12am and reach there about 1am in the morning.


As usual the 1st station after arrive in Genting is go to Casino... But this time really no luck, just go there and pay my math tuition fees. We went back to Awana Hotel there and stay a night there. The room is much more bigger then the first world hotel. There are 2 double bed in a room but if you don't maid, the room can fit in at lease 6 to 8 people. Besides that, the room is equip with the Internet service and bathtub.


Our last destination for this Genting Trip is the 云顶蓬莱仙境 (Feng Lai Xian Jing). I think my last visit to here should be at lease 15 years ago. I still remember that is a photo where i took with my mum in front of the tower. But i can't find out the picture now.

We park our car at the bottom most of the temple, because we don't know how to go to the top most of the temple by car. So just climb up the from the bottom most to the top of the temple. It is about 15 floor including the car park and the arena at the top most.


Here are some of the photo of our trip.... (the photo loaded from my space photo album, hopefully it will not slow down the viewing speed)

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