My 2008 first wish

Time pass faster, now already come into year 2008, already pass by 6 days, now is 7 of Jan 2008. My 2007 seem like just pass by without any good thing or memorable thing in my life. So really really have to set a big wish for my year 2008.

Maybe alot of people is busy to prepared for the chinese new year, where they just finish celebrate thier 2007 chirstmas and 2008 new year count down. But the 2008 new year count down seem like nothing to me, because i'm not went to for the celebration, just sit at home to online, watch movie.

Back to the topic, my 1st wish for year 2008 is saving money to visit my mum. I said this before quit some time, but in 2008 i really need to do it, and move toward my wish. Because i never meet my mum since she leave me in year 2000. It almost close to 8 years we never see each other. (she leave Malaysia at 8 March 2000).

My first step need to do is that save the money, i not sure how much i can save and need to save, but at lease i need to prepare enought money for my passport and the flight ticket. I haven't really do the survey on which air line is the chepest and which air is the best. But for my knowledge, it may cost me about 3k for the return flight ticket... other expenses over there may be will request for sponsor from my mum... ;-)

now is about 12.50am, have to go to the bed, else tomorrow hard to wake up for my work. Good night and hope my dream will come true... zzzzzZZZZZ.......

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