Station Pudu - Hao Hao going back home



My is my nearest visit to the Pudu Raya bus station. I went there for sending Hao Hao back from his 1 month + holiday in KL. Now the bus station before more clean then previously and the tempreture in the station also not as hot as last time. I think they already install the air-conditional in the station. Besides that, the new painting and decoration also bring the new look for the station.

But one thing never change about the pudu raya bus station is the traffic jam and packing problem. The traffic over there only can descript by a word "terrible" there is not other word can descript the traffic condition over there. I think the car that stop at the road side to waiting for people that make the whole Pudu Raya jam.

This is the new look at the Pudu Raya Bus Station, but 1 thing never change is the traffic around the bus station, still very terrible

Sending our visitor from Penang back after one month of holiday in KL

Platform 4 is where we separate after one month
This is all the bus at the bus stop under the Pudu Raya bus station

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