Chinese New Year Over...

The time pass very fast, I just reach my KL home 20 minutes ago and it also show the end of the Chinese New Year for the year of Rat. Seem like everything happen so fast, pack my bag and go back Perlis, flight to Bangkok and Pattaya, go Penang find my friend, dinner with them, drive back to KL. It seem like happen in just few hours.


So miss all my brother, sister, friend. This is the most busy new year for me, because I only can meet each of my friend once, 1 night to meet my Perlis's friend, 1 night to meet my Penang's friend, 4 night with my families.

The most happy thing for my new year is can have a lot of time to accompany my family, thanks for the Thailand trip, if not going to Thailand, I think we will only meet at the reunion dinner. Because normally when all of us going back home, will busy with each other function to meet our friend, but this trip bring us together for 4 days 3 nights without leaving each other.


Tomorrow will start my work again and tire day and night will be my life after tonight. I still haven have the time to upload my Bangkok and Pattaya photo, will do it when I got time.

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