First KL New Year Gathering

Today already the 10 days of Chinese New Year. Quite busy day for me, from morning, working --> open house --> Visit my uncle --> Gathering (Lou Shang)

The dinner at Ha Ka Restaurant near by the KLCC, total all about 13 people. We order the set dinner about 10 different food including pork, chicken, fish... the total bill is about RM 440. (But forget to take photo for the food and people around, out of my style Embarrassed)

This is the first time for me to meet  some of the Malaysia Experience Mandarins Blogger. All of them are very talkative and friendly. Event I seldom chat with them that at the dinner time, but hear their chatting topic always around with blog blog blog, so good.

The girl that I remember the most is Shuben, firstly, her name very easy to remember sound like "Subang". Secondly, she never stop talking after she come to the dinner and until the time we all leave, she still keep talking.

Before ending, just help them to do some promotion, smile_wink the following is their blog logo and their main theme. I hope one day I can join them if my Chinese word typing speed can be almost the same speed when I type in English.fingerscrossed 










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