Malaysia 12 General Election


This should be my first time of vote, but because of too far and forget to do the registration 6 months ago, so I just skip this election. But I promise that next election will participate.


After about 2 weeks of fighting, speak by the leader here and there, put up the party flag around the state. Finally the election day has come and now is the time for all the people looking at the future government of Malaysia.

As I know, this year BN will have to give up a lot of seat in the state and also in the parliament due to a lot of issue occur recently, 4.6 million Port Klang free zone scandal, Petrol price increase, toll price increase, none transparence control by the BN government.


The result has come out this morning, (I only follow the live result until 1am ++, and wake up to check by this morning) . BN has give out 5 state to the opposition which are Penang (DAP), Kedah (PAS), Kelantan (PAS), Selangor(DAP), and Parak(DAP). This is the biggest win for the opposition after about 40 years of majority won by BN.


This can be a good news for all the Malaysian at least we have choose our own government by our hand. Hope that the opposition will help us to build our country and bring us up to the International stage and they can do what they have promise the citizen before the election. If not, they will face the same problem as what BN facing now. We are not blind.

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