Titiwangsa ~ Wang's Kopitiam

There is a hidden restaurant in Titiwangsa, which I named it as "Under the tree restaurant" (大树下咖啡店), but when I try to google the map for this restaurant and found out that some one has named it as Wang's Kopitiam. You can't find this restaurant if no body tell you that how to go there, because I'm staying near by here for 4 years++ I never realize there is a shop inside the small lorong.


The most special food in the restaurant is the half-boiled egg and steamed bread. The egg that they serve is just nice enough where all the egg white is in white color, but not in the transparent. The streamed bread very soft and you have to eat it as soon as the bread serve to you. The bread is very soft and when you add together with a half boiled egg plus a cup of coffee... wa... there is a simple but delicious breakfast before you start a working day.


If you are driving from the direction of "Eye Of Malaysia" toward the Istana Budaya, you have to turn in to your right hand site after the malay food stall at your left hand site. (Close to the Istana Budaya side entrance)


When you reach the kopitiam, you are actually park the car at the back of the kopitiam, the front of the kopitiam is actually facing the Hospital Tawaka side, which is a main road but already cover up by some tree and grass.


The kopitiam is operate everyday and will close on the 1st and the 3th Sunday. The operation hours is from morning about 6-7 am to 5pm. Sat and Sunday just until 2pm++


Photos time:


This is the back side of the kopitiam


The front of the kopitiam

DSC04034 DSC04254


The above photo which is the stream bread and the bottom one is the half boiled egg is my most favorites food over here.





Here is the small small aquarium at the side of the kopitiam


I believe the dog is the one who take care the aquarium there smile_omg

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