You like Paypal?

I believe most of the Malaysian people may not like Paypal very much, but no doubt, they are the world biggest e-Wallet, payment processing service provider. neowave


Even though I never try to cashing out the money from Paypal after long use it, but you may hear from here and there regarding the weakness of Paypal by withdrawing money out.


Now you have a chance to earn a free money from Neowave, where they are giving away of USD $10 for any one who posting a blog regarding paypal and just answer 2 of the simple questions.



1) Do you use Paypal to Shop, or to take money selling something (eg at ebay)?

Yes, I do. I normally use it for hosting package payment for my client. (Since most of the hosting company especially from oversea mostly only supported by Paypal).  Another best way to use Paypal to spend is in world's most popular auction web site -->


2) Are you cashing the Paypal money out? if so, how do you do that? if not, what do you spend buying?

No, mostly I just cashing in money to paypal using my credit card. Because I use paypal to spend more then I use paypal to earn money. Hopefully one day I can cashing out some money from Paypal after long use of it.


Neowave is the leading provider of ecommerce software solution in Malaysia, such as Paypal Shopping Cart / Paypal E-commerce Software.

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