My back to hometown trip

The time pass so fast, today i have to back to KL already to finish up my 5 days trip back to Perlis, and Penang. Here is the same summary to this trip:

30 Aug 2007 Thuesday:
Depart from KL house and travel back to Tambung then back to Perlis, this is the damm damm tire trip which take up 8 hours in total with 1 hour break in the middle.

At night go for the "Ikan Bakar"

Travel around the capital of perlis for the 50 nation Independent day.

Sit at home and watch the count down event in Dataran Medeka on the TV

31 Aug 2007 Friday:
Travel to Padang Besar alone to buy all the snake and the Jeassy for my dearest friend in penang and KL.

Cut Hair

Another big sea food dinner (But forget to take picture of it)

1 Sept 2007 Saturday:
Travel to Sundai Petani to visit my aunty.

Go to Tambun for another Sea Food dinner

Go to Penang and spand the whole night at e-Gate Starbuck for the whole night

Go for the snoker friendly match with Hong and Chun

2 Sept 2007 Sunday:
Sing song at Gerney Red Box karaokey for 3 hours

Another snoker friendly match with Chun Chee, Hong and Chun

Travel to Tambun eat another sea food dinner

Go back and chit chat

3 Sept 2007 Monday:
This is the day that i don't like the most in this few days trip, where i need to depart from Penang and going back to Pahang and only back to KL. This is really really a tire trip where i never sleep enough and well for few days in Penang and now again i need to paid 100% attention to drive so far.

Reach KL at 6.40pm, and the 1st time i see the traffic jam in the KL i realize that this is the end of the trip and my tear cannot stop to come out until both of my eyes look like a panda eyes.

* lastly what i would like to thank for all my friend who comming out and accompany me and i'm really really appriciate it
* Friendship forever

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