Jco Donuts & Coffee

I have a chance to enjoy the queue that i hear from my friend for long long time. Thank for my friend who came KL last friday what asking for going to the Pavillion.

We arrived there about 2pm after having the lunch at the Chan Sou Lin fish head. The queue already long long there, so we dont plan to wasting so much time for the queue and thinking of after we finish our window shopping in Pavilion the queue should become shorter. (but this is wrong)

When we plan to leave pavillion and one of my friend said that since already come to kl and should try something that can never try some where else in Malaysia. So we take the decision to follow the queue which is never become shorter before.

After queue up for about 30minutes, finally is our turn.

Initially we plan to buy all the 24 diff favorites, but the bad thing is that they dont have all the favorites sold, just leave about 7 - 8 diff favorites. The price is under my expectation where it only about RM 20 for 12 donuts.

This is the queue when we first arrive in Pavillion, KL

I dono why most of the plat is stay empty in the counter...

These are 2 penang Kia who willing to queue for the JCo Donuts

Finally get our 1 dozen of Jco Donuts

I think the price for the donuts stil reasonable la.

I dono what all the name for the donut, but just look at the donuts already feel hungry liao la. :-)
Last photo for the donuts before we settle them...

Donuts waiting face..... "wei faster la PB"

Eating time....

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