Segambut Sea Food Tom Yam Mee

This is another nice food that i manage to bring my Penang Kia Friend to eat. This is a quite famous tom yam sea food restaurant in Segambut. But i'm not very sure the road name and the restaurant's name.

This is one of the restaurant introduce by my ex-training company supervisor.

Back to the topic, i don't think that this is the nicer tom yam mee in KL or compare to other place, but the famous of this restaurant is the sea food. All the sea food including prawn, fish, shell sea food very fresh.

Nice food is always come with expensive price. The small plat of tom yam sea food mee is RM 14, big plat of tom yam sea food mee is RM 15. This price maybe not really expensive if compare to the restaurant in the shopping center. But please remember that we just sit under the tree

This is kitchen of the restaurant

These are all the penang, kedah, and perlis kia in KL

Actually i forget to take the photo when the food serve, this is the Tom Yam E Mee when i'm eating

This is more nicer look for the mee

Mr. Chong from Penang.

My ex-class rep enjoying his sea food mee.
* he is the only person in this trip who dont like to eat sea food. i think his mee only worst for about RM 5 nia, coz all the sea food has been take out. :-)

All the customer enjoying their sea food mee under the tree

This is all the shell and the prawn head leave.....

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