Merry Christmas... 2007

Merry christmas to all my friend. So fast come to the christmas again where christmas mean the come to the end of year 2007. Dec is the holiday and festival month but also is a time for us to think about what we did in the whole year.

This year christmas is abit special where we only having a normal dinner at Xiang Jian Huan, count down (Very cold count down celebration over there hahahaha) and after that dono is who's idea to go to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Initially wanna go there for a photo section, but the bad thing is that all the nice place to take photo already closed up. So no choose have to go to cyberjaya for our 2nd tea section.

We go putrajaya using the KLP (Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya highway) which just started last week, i think. we just take about 15 min from Bulatan Kampung Pandan to Putrajaya.

And our last staion is at Old Town Cyberjaya. Very nice environment compare to other old town in the city where in front of the old town is the water pool. besides that, there are also a futsal field, basket ball field, and pool table.

Here is some infor for the Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya Old Town Kopitiam

Vegetable Roti Planta

Special Guess from Perlis. This is the only bridge that we can take photo

Peng Li and Fenny

Our trip member... haha

The Prime Minister's office at Perdana Putra

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