4th time to Taman Petanian

Today is a public holiday (forget what holiday, just know that no need to go to work). and they asking me out to go to Taman Petanian "again". Including today, I'm been there for 4 times.

1st time on 3th of June 2006 (Just join Mobile88 about 3 months time) (Summer day in the 4 season house)

Summer day in 4 season house

2nd time on 15th of April 2007 (Spring day in the 4 season house)

Sprint day in 4 season house

3th time on 2nd of Dec 2007 (Early winter day in the 4 season house)

Winter day in 4 season house

4th time on today, 20 of March 2008 (Autumn day in the 4 season house)

I'm not going in to the season house, so no picture taken for this time

This time only 6 of us are going (forget to take a photo together). We depart from home early then normal working day which is 7.30am depart from home. After gather all people then only go together. This trip is better then the previous trip where just 2 cars go together, so no hide and seek game to play (no missing or lost when going).

After all the people get the cycle, our first station is go for boating, the boating area just near by the animal park. This is the new activity in the Taman Petanian where the fees is RM 3 per hour. But we just be there about 30 minutes due to lack of stamina...Sad this is my first time also. The photo is not with me, so cannot upload at this moment.

The next destination that we going to is the four season house, but on the way there is a small accident occur, where our little Fanny fall down from bicycle.

We stop there about 30 minutes before continue our journey to the season house.

Photo show time...


start our today trip...





I don't know why they queue up and cross the hole one by one, maybe they are having a game or some fun for doing that.


What the soi soi Michael looking at???

Fanny Head

Pity fanny...



This is the dam at the end of the Taman Petanian, and it is also the fishing place. It is free to fish but you have to pay for the fish that you get, they counted by kilogram


Here is all the little fish that still not yet open for public to fishing it.


DSC03578 DSC03565

Looking from the top of the dam.


Soui soui monkey at the road side.

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  1. haha...i dono u are purposely or wat ..
    when the pic show fanny fall down tat time start then another pic show pity fanny and sumone accompany her to sat down...

    then continue both of ur guys laughing....
    is jz like both of u laughing fanny at the back side ...



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