3 Days 2 Nights Trip Back to Penang ~ Day 1 Part 1

Finally is the date for me to back to Penang after few months of planning and contact all the friend in Penang to leave a time slot for our gathering. Initially my house-mate have to work OT so have no time to fetch me to go to the LCCT, but the last minutes he manage to finish his job and have a free time to fetch me.


The flight is actually depart from the air port at 11.10am, but we leave home at 8.00am to go for the breakfast before go to the air port. Just simple choose the Titiwangsa Wong's Kopitiam to settle our breakfast before we continue our journey.LCCT Air port


It take about 45 minutes from Setapak to LCCT. After done all the check in process, just proceed to the boarding hall to wait for the departing time.


Air Asia Air Bus





This is the Air Bus that send me back to Penang. It take very accurate of 50 minutes to arrived in Penang International Air Port.



I'm reach Penang at 12.55pm and after meet my friend the first destination is to go to having lunch in Prai (mainland). We went for 2 places to ate because lack of time to taste the delicious food (Just 3 days 2 nights in Panang).


The first place we went is the "Good Master Restaurant Bak Kut Teh", So miss the bak kut teh which have the meat ball (So far I still can't find any restaurant in KL selling bak kut teh with meat ball). Besides that, the special about this restaurant is the Yam Rice. I'm so miss the yam rice in Penang and again I can't find it in KL. (If any body know where got, please update me on it.)

Bak Kut Teh


In addition, this bak kut teh restaurant also been visited by the most famous Taiwan "auntie killer" - Ah Horng (阿鸿). This restaurant also awarded as the "National Top 20 Bak Kut Teh".


The different for the order in Penang is where you can order only in 3 sizes, Small, Median,  or Large. Not as what in KL, they order by the head count. Besides that, the price also quite cheap compare to KL where only RM 29 for median size of Bak Kut Teh + 4 rice + chinese tea.

Fish head, prai


The second place that we go to try is the curry fish head in "Leng Heong Restaurant in Chai Ling Park, Prai (才能园)". This is a old old food court over there and it is so famous in Prai. I'm not very sure that what is the fish that they use as the main material. But at lease I can taste the fresh of the fish, not as what I try in Sentual, where I even can't imagine how the structure of the fish head look like after take out all the bone.


Actually my friend still suggest that we go to 2 more place to try on the food, but we have to reject his good suggestion, because really really so full after the curry fish head and we decide to go back to have a rest before we go for the dinner tonight.


As the Chinese people tradition, the dinner always start late as we expected, so as usual, after preparing and wait him & her. We arrived there about 8pm, but we still managed to be there to take the photo with the bride & bridegroom before the dinner start. Really having a lot of fun at the night because that night is actually the gathering night for the old friend.


After the dinner, we went to Tou, Cuisine and Lounge. Initially I though that is a pub where a lot of people dancing insides, but when I arrived there just found that it is even better then that, but have no dance pool to dance. It just have a small round stage in the middle of the place, and there are 3 single singing at there. The best of the music there is they can sing any song as the customer request and you can just shout out what the song as you like. Again, the wine and beer is a must for the gathering of Chinese people.


The first day trip is end at 4am at the morning after arrived in my friend house in Penang.


To be continue...

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